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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sept/Oct. Birthday Run & Party

Getting things ready for the annual party for all our friends whose birthdays are in September and October.  Damn, there is a lot of you!!  Anyway, this year we are adding a bit of a twist to the party.  For those who ride, we're throwing in a couple hundred mile run down to Vancouver and back to help celebrate Columbia Motorcycles 68th birthday, and Robins 60th.  So we're riding down there, enjoying their BBQ, then heading back for our own BBQ and little bonfire.  Due to the EXTREME fire hazard in the area, I wont be having one of my famous bonfires, but a small one since there is a burn ban in effect.  So basically if the neighbors dont bitch, everything is a go!!

On the way down to Vancouver, one of the stops is the liquor store in Rainier, Oregon (strategically placed right off the bridge into Oregon) to get a few bottles of MUCH cheaper booze than in Washington.  Add to that what Apple Pie we still have, and I will bring down the shot ski, it may get 'drunk out' Saturday night.  It sounds like a real good time will be had.  It usually is!!

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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