8 Ball In The Wind

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting Intimate

There isn't anything better than getting in an intimate relationship.  Especially when it is with your motorcycle.  I split the bogus VIN'd cases and I am glad I did.  It turns out the crank was installed backwards.  Of the two connecting rods, one is forked around the other.  According to my old Chilton's manual that I've had since the 70's, the forked rod is for the rear cylinder and the other is for the front.  Just the opposite of the way they were sitting in these cases.  So I split the cases, like I was going to do anyway, and pulled the crank.  Then I pulled everything I can use off the bogus cases and kept them.
I think things will start to come together a bit better now.  Frankenbike will be getting a transplanted crankshaft and then I can look for some other things to do to her.

Catch ya on the road sometime...


  1. I wouldn't have if Pat Leahy hadn't caught that the cases weren't 69 cases. After I realized he was right, I was going to pull the crank out of those cases. It's when I put the cases on the bench to start undoing the case bolts that I noticed it.