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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Missing The Oyster Run

There are just some days when you know things will work, and other days when you know it wont.  No matter how much you want to get something done, if doing it screws you up for something bigger and more important later than it just aint meant to be.

That's the way things are with this years Oyster Run.  Just getting back to work this week put me into that place between that big ass rock and that steel hard spot.  I have a run coming up in a couple weeks that I have organized, and that I am going to lead.  But if I had headed off this weekend to spend the weekend in and around Anacortes like I wanted.  Well, then I would have been stuck when it came down to getting things done on the 6th.

I simply dont have the money to do both, and still get the bike torn down and go through the top end this winter to get her ready to ride to Chicago next summer.  Everything else is coming up secondary to the Chicago Run.

So I will miss out on being a part of the 30,000 bikes parked in downtown this year.  On going to another righteous barbecue with friends.  Just so I can take the wife on her 60th birthday run on the 6th, and not cut into the fund for the Chicago Run.

Always have to make choices in life.  This one wasn't so difficult.  There is a difference between running on a shoestring, and shredding the shoestring down to its last thread.  

So, to anyone going to the Oyster Run this year; I wont be there on Sunday.  Have an oyster shooter, and raise a glass in my memory.  Hoping to be able to party with you next year with some great stories to tell about  making the Chicago Run.  

So see ya next year, on the fourth Sunday in September.  I plan on spending the whole weekend.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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