8 Ball In The Wind

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thunder Road

Went out for a ride to see a friend today.  Ended up helping him repair his flat front tire.  He had a pin hole in his innertube, and after we got it fixed and back together, we had to give it a test run.  We had just gotten back to his place, when my wife called to say we had company.  So I got ready to go home.  About then in rolled a summer thunder storm.  All the way home, it was raining.  Thunder crashing, and with no front fender, I got all the oil off the road.  But hey, it FELT GOOD.  
The first rain in about a month and it took a hot humid (near 90F) day and brought the temps down to the mid 70s.  Although I had to wipe all the oil from the road off the tank because I don't run a front fender during the summer, and oil was splattered all over the tank...and me.  And I loved it!!

The dinner bell is getting rung, so I am out of here, and going to chow down.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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