8 Ball In The Wind

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time Doesnt Change Allegiance

I didn't realized that this hadn't been published
Until I found it still as a draft tonight.
This is from almost a year ago...
After I had been at the local watering hole.
With a Brother washing away the road dust. 
When some jive yahoo from here in town
Began running his mouth about people...
And places that he hung out at...
30 years before.

One of which was a small biker bar
Called the LOOP Tavern...
Where I happened to tend bar back in the day.
I don't ever remember seeing this guy there...
But I did know some of the people
Whose names he was so proud he knew...
This guy didn't have a clue.

I am  somewhat surprised at how fired up I got tonight by some idiot trying to impress me with his name dropping.  He seemed to think that naming people from almost 30 yrs ago would impress me.  Even after he was told both by me and an old riding brother of mine that the people he kept  talking about were the absolute wrong people to be talking about to me.  This idiot just didnt seem to understand, that it doesnt matter if it is  30 years later, bragging about hanging around a rival club is NOT the way to impress someone, and name dropping is not the way to try to impress me.  Certainly not after being told that the people he was talking about were "persona non grata" in my book.  What is it about people, who think, just because they know the names of people from an area that that means they are welcome in the general community of bikers?  Anyway, I must offer my deepest appreciation to my road brother T for keeping me from getting into a situation that would have no doubt led to  me ending up in jail.

I have had better nights, but I thank the road Gods for such good Brothers.

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