8 Ball In The Wind

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fund Raising

Getting things organized for a "Dice Run" next month.  Just like a poker run, except at each stop you get to roll dice, and add up the total.  At the final stop, for an extra $3 you can get one more roll, but you HAVE to take it.  So you'll lose your lowest earlier roll.  Even if it was for a higher amount.

So far, all the bars are happy to take part.  So thats not going to be a big worry.  Mostly going to be a question of getting some fliers made up and posted so we can get the word out.  Going to talk to the Moose Lodge about having an after run spaghetti dinner to help raise some money.  Anything to get some money coming in so we can get the liability insurance the City wants before they'll give the final OK for the Rally to go ahead.

Keeping an open mind, or else I'll get a fucking migraine.  LOLO

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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