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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Basic Look

I've got the Ironhead's stance about the way I want it.  There will be little cosmetic differences, like the oil tank.  I'm not sure if I will stay with the narrow, square oil tank I have, or come up with something else.  I am thinking of running a set of narrowed 6 bend pullbacks for bars instead of the bars that are on it now.  But those are all cosmetic considerations.  She has the stance, and basic look the way she sits now.  But it is the internals that I have to get together.  And I am trying to focus on putting it all together before I worry too much about how she looks.  I mean Hell, the last thing I want is for Frankenbike to look really cool but run like shit.  Don't want her to be all show and no go.  I'd be more than happy with her to be all go and no show.
There is going to be VERY little shiney chrome.  I hate spending time polishing metal so it "looks good".  I am going to focus on collecting the parts I need so I can put the motor and tranny together.  Once I get the parts together, I can get to work on putting her together.  
The crank looks to be in good shape.  Even the bushing for the wristpins look in pretty fair shape.  But I am still going to replace those too.  I am planning on getting a complete set of JIMS gaskets for her.  But the list of needed parts is a bit more extensive than that.
I figure it's going to take a couple of years to get her together and running semi dependably.  But that's OK.  Because when I am done, Frankenbike will be a bike I can be proud to jump on and ride the crap out of.  But all that fun will have to wait for a while.  Wait for me to scrounge up the parts I need, and wait for me to put all the pieces together.  This isnt going to be a "Build My Dream" bike.  But a "Build It As I Can Afford It" bike.  That doesn't mean she's gonna be a rat.  More of a mutt...A bunch of different Ironheads and parts brought together.  She is going to truly be worthy of her name..."Frankenbike".

Catch you on the road sometime...

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