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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Piecing It Together

Going through the parts I have for Frankenbike, and piecing the motor parts together.  I can see what I still need, and what will go together where.  Soon I can start putting together the motor like I want.  I can see I have most of what I need for the gear case, only missing some gaskets and a couple of small parts.  Mainly the Flywheel shaft pinion gear, and the oil pump drive gear.  As well as the tappets and tappet guides.  

But first things first.  I need to gather everything up, and make sure the parts are all in good shape before I start putting them in place.
The crank is in good shape.  I just need to replace some bearings for good measure.  Then I'll put it back in the cases, and start putting the motor together.  I am hoping to have everything I need in the next couple of months.  Including a new set of pistons and rings and wrist pins.  There are some numbers on the cam side of the crank, but they are too faded to really make out.  But you can tell they are there.  If anyone knows what the represent, I would appreciate the info.

Then it'll be time to focus on the tranny.  Once that is complete, then I'll get to work on the cosmetic parts of the build.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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