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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In Paperwork Limbo

OK, on Monday I sent out via 'Certified Mail' the affidavit in lieu of title to the last registered owner of this set of cases.  If he signs it and gets it notarized, and mails it back, I can just have a new title transferred into my name.  If I don't hear from him in two weeks, I can go down and get the bike inspected by the state patrol, and get it registered.  But I won't be able to get a title for 3 years.  With all the dough I am going to have to dump into this, if I don't hear back from this guy, I am just going to dump the parts, and recoup as much as I can.  Then look for another project to build.  
I want to build this one.  But without having to put turn signals and mufflers, fenders, and all the "legal" shit that I don't want to have to fork out the money for.  So I am hoping to hear back from the dude.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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