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Sunday, July 7, 2013

El Jefe Is Bad Ass

Yesterday, a couple of us rode out to the shop that a Brother has been getting his chopped sportster dialed in at.  After a lot of false starts, and minor issues, Pats 94 inch, twin plug Evo Sporty is ready for it's 1st ride.

I took a couple of vids of him riding it with his camera, but apparently the vid settings on the camera werent right, so they didn't turn out.  Damn!!

El Jefe Stormtrooper is what Pat calls this bike he put together from a basketcase and many other parts he fabbed or traded for.  With parts from Led Sled, Lowbrow Customs, and a Dyna-Tek ignition Pat had a definite plan in mind for El Jefe.

On the 1st rub down the street, when Pat hit 2nd gear and grabbed a fist full of throttle while popping the clutch, the whole front end came a few inches off the ground...then they were off in a road of dirty thunder that echoed through the remote valley we were in.  Pat hit a pothole on the return leg, and in the rigid frame, and no springs on the seat, he siad it about 'exploded my nut sack"...but that wasn't enough to wipe the grin off his face from the ride.

The bike still needs to be painted, but at least it is running.  There are a couple of other minor things yet to do.  Like mount a headlight and taillight, wire the lights, put seat springs on, get new fork tube caps, and one or two other minor things.  But El Jefe is going to be getting plenty of attention from Pat in the coming days.  He wants to ride it to the Quad Cam Bastards 'Bastard Bash' in Kid Valley at the end of July.  So he doesnt have a lot of time to finish it up, and get it broke in.  Something tells me that I'll be getting more chances to video the two of them flying down the road soon...only with MY camera so I know how ot check the vids right away and make sure I got quality footage.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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