8 Ball In The Wind

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hotter Than A Popcorn Fart

Damn, last Thursday it was a nice mid 60's day.  Friday the heat wave kicked in.  Now normally here in Washington, we get a week or so of 90 degree days in August.  Friday was the first in a so far four day street of 90+ degree  days.  What really hurts though is the humidity has been around 80-85%.

So, I havent been sitting here on the computer, in front of the sliding glass door, with the sun beating down on me very much.  What I have been doing, is trying to get a few things organized.  That and getting in as much riding as I can.  It is just too fucking muggy to sit at home in the house. I really feel for Knucklehead and the other two dogs.  That poor pup must be miserable in this shit, with all that German Shepherd hair on him.

I'm thinking the heat is getting to my brain.  I had to make a run to Chehalis to get some ink for the printer, so I could print up a few fliers .  After making the 100 mile round trip, I print a few up, and run out of paper in the printer.  Now I knew there was something else I needed when I got the ink...but I just couldnt remember what it was until I reached up to reload the paper...and found there wasnt any left.  Ended up getting stuck for $8 for a ream of paper at Radio Shack here in Morton.  Then found out that the grocery store a half block from home has paper for two bucks less.  And I rode right passed it to check everywhere else in town first.

Oh well, fuck it...I'm gonna get off this thing and go get some air blowing over me.

Catch ya on the road sometime.

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