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Friday, August 23, 2013

Bitch Of A Week For Bikes

I'm not sure if someone put a Hoodoo on bikes here this week, of maybe the blue moon has everything just out of whack.  But it seems like almost everyone I ride with, has been having some sort of issue with their bikes this week.  I've been having issues with the tranny vent line blowing oil all over the ground after I stop somewhere.  That was fixed by getting a longer vent tube and rerouting it.

T had a new tire put on, and the first good bump he hit it cut his wiring for his turn signals.  So he had to rewire and reroute the ass end of his bikes wiring harness.

Dutch is having rear brake issues, and is diving into it tonight so he and his ol'lady can ride up here on Sunday.

Then today, I get a call from Patrick, and his gas tank is leaking at the seam onto his rear head.  So he isnt going to be able to go on the 3 Pass Run in the morning.  T is trying to hunt down some tank sealer for Patrick.  But even if he found it, and we applied it for him, there isnt enough time for it to cure before we head out in the morning.

So I'm not too sure what the Hell is going on around here.  But after having all my bead breaking tools break trying to get a tire off a spare rim so I can replace the newer Metzeler with bad sidewall checking on my bikes rear wheel. I'm just going to temp fate and hope the tube I have inside it holds up at least until tomorrows 3 Pass Run is over.  That might increase the pucker factor a bit if that puppy gives out going through the mountain passes.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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