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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wow, There's ALMOST Room To Work...

Going through the work shed trying to get everything half assed organized yesterday.  I finally threw out almost a full garbage can worth of antique electronics parts.  So now I have more room to work on the bench and a couple of clear shelves again.  I still have a large upright freezer, and a refridgerator, and a hot water tank, and some other metal to haul out and scrap.  Then, not only would I have more room, but I would have some extra money in the Ironhead fund.

I still need to relocate the little drill press, and grinder so I can do a little fabricating if I need to.  That will also help with getting the speakers spread out so I have some tunes when I'm out there working on the bikes, or in the shed doing something on the bench.

It's nice to have a halfway decent idea of where my spare nuts, bolts, and washers are.  Besides just being "in there somewhere".  That makes it quite a bit easier to do anything when it is all more or less in one place.  It's much easier to dig through a big coffee can of fasteners than to try to find one or two scattered around in various boxes and cans.  The tools are getting much better organized.  Well, at least they are all in the same room.  So I don't have to hunt my tools down when I'm trying to work on something.

I've hung the old fucked up parts on the walls.  It gets them out of the way, and when I can, I'll get them either repaired (like the crack in the side of the inner primary case) or stripped and used for scrap (like the Ironhead case with the bogus VIN on it).  Hell I even put up a bulletin board so I can keep track of what parts i need to get for what bike, and upcoming runs and shit.

Now all I really need to do is to clear out the woodshed side of things and completely enclose and insulate the whole shed.  Then I might actually be able to work out there in the winter time.  We'll see.

Anyway, I'm off on another exciting adventure in the world of a job hunting, bike riding, parts hunting maniac.

Catch you on the road sometime...

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