8 Ball In The Wind

Friday, August 16, 2013

Well Sheeeit!!

Going round and round with that tire I have been trying to get off an old Sporty rim.  And not in a good way.  

I bent an 8 inch C clamps screw, and twice broke my bead breaker.  But, at least I have ONE BEAD BROKE!!

But judging from the rust on the innertube, I am still in for one Hell of a fight to get that second bead off the rim.

Once I get the tire off the rim, I'm not going to worry about what shape the rim is in.  I only want the hub to clean up and resell or trade.  the spokes and rim are more than expendable.  I've got better shit to do this weekend than fuck around with this tire, so I'm calling a temporary ceasefire in the struggle for the freedom of this tire.  At least until the weekend is over.

Me, I'm going riding...Catch ya on the road sometime..

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