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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ironhead Progress

I finally made some progress with the Ironhead today.  I pulled the heads and the jugs, then the cases out of the frame.  Then I removed the triple tree and front end, and finally the rear fender, and wheel.  

Once I did that, I took the frame out to the shed, and grabbed my drill and wire brushes.  Figuring on cleaning up the frame to get it ready for paint, and see if there might be a VIN under the bondo on the steering head.  

There weren't any VIN or other numbers under the bondo I got off.  The only numbers I have found are on the center support tube that the rear motor mount of the motor bolts to.  Even that is only a five digit number followed by a dash and then the numbers 67. 

So I am back to thinking this was originally a pre-70 frame that someone hardtailed.  From the look of the frame after I got the bondo off the downtubes, I'd say someone played with the rake this thing just a bit back in the day some where along the way.

After less than an hour, of wire brushing the crap off, I had to stop.  Even thought I didn't get very much done one it as you can see.  Not because I was getting tired, but because I had drained both of the batteries on the drill. I swear, on days like this, I wish I had a sand blaster so I could just clear all that crap off the frame and be done with it.  I don't, so I'll just keep working on it when I can.  A few more hours of brushing and cleaning and the frame will be ready for whatever lies in store for it.

I'm not putting any money into this thing until I know whether or not I am going to be able to get it titled.  If not, I don't want to waste any more money on it.  But if I can, I want to at least be moving along the road to being ABLE to put money into it.  Going to have the local cops run the VIN to make sure it isn't hot (or at least warm), and then put it together so it can be inspected by the state to make sure it has what they require it to have to be titled.  Keeping receipts for everything to show where it came from.  If it doesn't absolutely have to be on the bike to be titled, it probably won't be...at least not after it gets titled.  This Ironhead is gonna be a pretty stripped down and basic rigid framed little ride.  Just fast enough to be fun, and nothing extraneous to get in the way.  But then, ain't that what a bike should be anyway?

Catch you on the road sometime...

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