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Friday, July 20, 2012

Did I Piss Off The Road Gods Somehow?

OK, just what the fuck is going on?  Did I somehow piss off the Road Gods?  The last five big planned rides I have laid out and organized have all gone the same way.  Beautiful weather until the day of the big ride...Then pissing down rain....(happened 4 times) or the bike breaks down the day before we're suppose to leave (happened the day before last years 1,000 mile vacation run).

At 12:06 AM, I had just laid down and was getting ready for a nice sunny weekend at the Lower Lewis River Falls, when the whole bedroom was lit up and the thunder rattled the windows.  It's been over 9 hrs, and the thunder is still here.  Along with rain and wind.  It has been gorgeous and warm out for the past two weeks.  Go figure, six minutes into the day we are scheduled to leave, the lightning and thunder start.

The forecast says it is suppose to clear out by 11AM, and if it does, maybe I can wrangle everyone up to head out today.  If not, we may have to cut it to a one day campout or just cancel.  WHICH I DO NOT WANT TO DO!!!  

Maybe if I look at it this way...with the bad weather, maybe there won't be as many people heading to the campground today.  So when we DO get there, we can have a better choice of campsites...yeah maybe.

I'd just be happy for the rain and thunder to blow through, and not stop anybody from going.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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