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Friday, July 6, 2012

Loud Pipes

Those that know me, know I ride with straight pipes.  I enjoy the sound as I roll along, and yes, I enjoy occassionally setting off a car alarm as I ride by.  

But what I don't get, is why people roll up fast to a stop; pull in the clutch, give it a bit more throttle, then drop a gear and let out the clutch.  Forcing the tranny to slow the bike in a roar of noise as they drop down through the gears.  Or, when they go to start from a stop; they rev the motor three or four times with the clutch in, then shift into gear and repeat that procedure as they shift up through the gears again.

I rode with a guy the other day who did this to the point it was ridiculous.  After about 200 miles, I was glad to get away from his noisy ass.  You can hear him fire up the bike and ride away from the garage from my house (about4 blocks away)....but what REALLY ticks me off about this guy is it isnt his bike.  He won't ride it like that when the owner is around to hear, but when the guy isnt around....BLAPPP BLAPPP BLAPPP!!!  When you say something to him about it...the dude just says "I'm a firm believer that 'Loud Pipes Save Lives'.  

Not only doesnt he have a bike of his own, he has been borrowing bikes for over a year, and doesnt even have an endorsement...so no insurance if (no...when) he wrecks.  

I have no problem with loud pipes…Hell, I run them myself…but idiots who think it is cool to constantly rap the pipes to draw attention to themselves without any concern for who else is around (twice this guy had cops look up and check us out..but both already ahd someone pulled over) are just fucking idiots.  Especially since here in Washington state, if you get stopped on a bike, and don’t have an endorsement, or learners permit, they can impound the bike.  It’ll really be a bitch if idiots like this guy get someone else’s bike impounded…I can see a definite ass whooping coming his way when that happens. 

Something tells me he won’t be riding too much longer.  Unless he actually buys his own bike…ANY BIKE to ride.  Not just the high dollar high chrome shit he always talks about that he is going to get (hard to do when you aren’t working).

Catch ya on the road sometime…

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