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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Old Stomping Grounds

I had to go to Port Orchard yesterday for a BBQ.  Since I was in the area of downtown Tacoma, I thought I would ride the bike through Tacoma and check out my old stomping grounds.  I don't know what the Hell was going on in downtown Tacoma yesterday, but they had streets blocked off and traffic rerouted going all over the place.  Then the idiot drivers would come to a complete stop on a hill, with a green light and sit there before following the signs through the detours.  

FINALLY, we got onto 6th Avenue and headed west.  It is kind of sad but most of the places on the avenue that I hung out at are now parking lots; The 6th & K Tavern, Jimmy's Tavern, The Pine St Junction, all gone.  The only place that still had it's old name was the West End up on 6th & Proctor, but it's a 'Pub & Grill' now not a tavern anymore.

Oh well, things change, just have to deal with it.  I know it felt weird to drive on the old eastbound lanes of the Old Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  I know the New Bridge has been open for a couple years now, but it still just seems strange after almost 50 years to be riding west only on the one bridge.

What the Hell, it was a beautiful day to ride, and we had a great time at the BBQ breaking in the new 'Shot Ski' that my nieces put together.  It gave me an idea about what to do with that pair of old skis I cant seem to give away.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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