8 Ball In The Wind

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twice in A Lifetime

I had to run out to Chehalis today to put an application in with the county public works department.  Since I was going in to put in a job application, I didnt wear my cut like I usually do when I ride.  Well, I was going northbound on the freeway into Chehalis, and a B-17 bomber came in alongside the freeway to land at the airport.  It is only the second time in my life I have seen a B-17 actually flying, and I almost ran off onto the shoulder trying to watch it land while I rode along the freeway.  If I had worn my cut I would have had my camera to take a pic of it.  I just hope I dont have to wait another 25 yrs for the next chance to see one fly.

Catch you on the road sometime...


  1. B-17's are beautiful airplanes. I actually got to fly in the Liberty Belle before she burned. It was an incredible experience for sure.

  2. It was weird, because the first time I ever saw one in flight, I heard it first. But somehow I KNEW it was a B-17, and I ran out my friends front door just in time to see it making a low level pass before heading south out of town. This time, as soon as I saw her begin to bank (still several miles away) I KNEW what she was.
    I can only imagine what it must have been like to actually fly in one.

  3. It was unreal! My house is on the takeoff/approach path to the small airport they use when they are in town so I get to hear them fly the whole time they are here. I got really lucky to take that flight. It was a true gift from someone who will never understand what it meant to me.

  4. Way cool Jeff! That must have been a thrill you'll be blessed to remember for the rest of your life.