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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Shot Ski

Back in January of 2007, one of my nieces got married up at Crystal Mountain ski resort.  At the reception, the bar had what they called a "shot ski".  It actually was a lot of fun, because if you didnt take your shot as fast as it was flowing it went all over you.

The last weekend, when I went to my Brother-in-laws retirement BBQ, there was a shot ski.  It seems one of his daughters had seen a pair of ski's at a garage sale for $2 that had his home state 'COLORADO' as the main design on the ski.  They set it up, and we used it during the BBQ.  Again it was fun, and everyone got a few laughs.

So when we got back home, I got to thinking about a set of ski's that had been floating around amongst the garage sale stuff here and figured; "Screw it, I can make one of those!"  So I did.  This is just the 'mock up', I havent decided on whether or not I'm what colors going to paint it yet.  But basic construction is done.  I am leaning towards black, with orange shot glass holders, and orange or red pinstripes....may both.

I'm planning on breaking it in on Friday before we head out for a camping trip up into the mountains.  A shot of Apple Pie before we hit the road on a hot day will be a fitting baptism for my new 'Shot Ski'.

As you can tell from the pics, they arent hard to make.  And it is a blast doing shots with them.  I feel sorry for the folks down south were snow skis arent a common sight.  Water skis might work, but I think they'd be awfully cumbersome compared to the slim snow ski.  Come on, try it for yourself.  I bet you'd enjoy it.

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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