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Monday, September 30, 2013

Choppers...They're For Riding

I was on the phone last night with Patrick, and the conversation rolled around, as it usually does, to chopping Sportsters.  He asked me if what I wanted was a '70s looking shop.  I told him that was pretty much what I had in mind.  But it was going to be a long bike...early '70s style, but built with what I wanted on it.  My view on the way I am putting mine together is; "building a roller for an Ironhead Sporty should be okay, since most of what I have planned won't interfere wihit the motor bolting up.  If it does, I'll modify it later."

We talked about radiusing the rear fender, and maybe welding 1/4" round stock along the new edge of the fender for reinforcement.  Mounting the tail light/brake light on top of the fender so it will be visible from both sides and far enough back that saddlebags won't be an issue.  I prefer throw over bags to permanently mounted bags.  It makes it easier to swap between bikes.

When the subject of what type of oil tank I wanted, I told Patrick I wanted a round one, not a horseshoe one.  He came up with a couple of cool sounding ideas that ought to look real sweet on the Frankenbike.  When we get closer to having them finished, I'll post some pics.

Then we got to discussing what I wanted to do about goosenecking the frame.  We shouldn't have too big of a problem with it, and when it's done, she'll be a sweet looking chopper with a sweet looking long and sexy front end.  I'm figuring about a 40° rake and up to a 10" over front end.  The length will get figured out once the rake is set and the trees are in place.  With a narrowed set of 6 bend pullbacks it ought to have a nice comfortable riding position.  

Patrick figured it will end up being a quick little bitch of a bike, and i said that's why I am leaving the dual disc front end on it.  The wheels are vintage AMF mags with dual discs already, so why not go with it.  It may not look like the choppers in the '70s with laced wheels on a spool hub, but I want this girl to be able to be ridden.  After all, to me, that's what a chopper is for...to be ridden...not parked in a garage until the weather turns nice, then taken bar hopping.

If things don't work out as I have planned, and I end up needing to get the bike inspected to get a title for it, then I'll just add the turn signals and horn as a temporary extension of the wiring harness.  Then as soon as I get home from getting it inspected, they'll come right back off again.

Now that I'll be getting a regular paycheck rolling in again, I figure I'll be able to get things rolling along quicker on Frankenbike.  With a little help from Patrick and a couple of other fabricators I know; a few parts from one or two friends stashes, some new stuff from Lowbrow and Paughco it ought to come together nicely.  

Hell, she may even be up in time for the next Bastard Bash in 2014.  It would be nice to rollinto the campground with my tent and bag strapped to Frankenbikes sissy bar and forks.  Ready to spend some good time with everyone there (and not ride down on an Evo Softail like I did this year).

Catch you on the road sometime...

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