8 Ball In The Wind

Friday, September 6, 2013

Well it looks like the weather gods have conspired to kill the campout tun I had planned for this weekend.  Two days of wind, rain and lightning seem to have scared everyone off.  Understandable, but kind of a drag for having a get together on the river.  Oh well, what the Hell.

Tomorrow is suppose to be a decent day, and a guy I know is having a BBQ.  So maybe things will work out, and I'll ride up to his place.  There'll be a few of the guys I ride with I am sure.  Who knows, might turn into a good party.  Might be able to get some riding figured out with a few people.  I'm always up for a ride.

So, things are up in the air; if folks so up for tomorrows ride to Windy Ridge, cool.  If not, well there are always options, and I am sure I can play a couple of them out.  You never know, I might discover one or two more that I hadnt thought of before.  And, isn't that what makes life grand?

Catch ya on the road sometime...

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